Globally the principal objectives can be streamlined as follows:

1. Guiding the masses through the path of life that is full of “Karma”, (This essentially means following up one’s implied duties with great devotion in his/her individual, official and social life), It also gives exact means and ways by which anyone can just not do Karmas rightfully but also enjoy its enormous outcomes.

The only necessity is hearing between the lines, word by word, carefully of the “Transcendental Speeches” given in Hindi (“ Sanchar Prabodhan” ). These speeches are regularly delivered at fixed time between 6.30 to 7.30 every evening for over last five years, Since September,2005. As the name suggests, Transcendental power of Sadguru Shri Swami Samartha Maharaj speaks through Parampujya Shri. Sharadji Lathkar and these speeches are UNIQUE in the world for their precise delivery, consistency and above all magical essence. Hence, must be heard and followed (“Aachran”) very carefully and joyously. “Joyously “because they tend to energize listeners miraculously. These speeches are more than 1500 in numbers and are covering over 25 subjects touching all practicable facets of life to make it meaningful. We welcome you all to this mesmerizing world of magical words of divine Shri .Swami Samartha Maharaj.

2. Second objective is guiding all devotees through proper practicable spiritual practices. (That is Sadhana) Everyday, after transcendental speech is over, there is a “Darshana ,Prasad and Bhasma” session for about 15 minutes wherein Shri. Swamiji through his divine power guides every devotee about a typical spiritual practice to be followed for his /her inert peace and overall prosperity and showers his unlimited boon.

3. Besides the above Transcendental Speeches Parampujya Shri. Sharadji Lathkar also delivers some spiritual speeches in Marathi on stipulated subjects on Every Sunday or occasionally. These additional speeches are delivered in a rural place “Nilajgaon” ( 31 Kms from Aurangabad) and also in local areas as per the request and feasibility. This way, Shri Swami Samartha Aadhyatmik Research Institute , Aurangabad is engaged in and enjoys its threefold activity of Spreading Wisdom (“Gyan”), Inculcating Spiritual practices (“Bhakti”) and ways of achieving all these that is “Sadhana” .
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